Semi who?

Semiotics. A word that I have never heard of until this very day. So what is this semiotics I hear?

Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols. With every sign, there is a signifier, which is the physical existence of something (it can be a word, image or object) and then there is the signified which is the meaning/context behind the signifier.



Semiotics is evident in various art forms such as images and advertisements. I believe the use of semiotics is particularly used in advertising to convey some sort of message to their audience.

For example, the advertisement from The Frontier Post below, highlights the importance of safe driving.



The car key in this ad, is the signifier. However, what is unique about this ad is that the car key is represented in the shape of a gun. The message that it is trying to convey to the audience is signified through the quote, “Takes one life every 25 seconds. Drive safe.” Through the use of this semiotic, both the signifier and signified is drawing a comparison between how easily someone can die by driving recklessly and killing someone with a gun – 25 seconds is all it takes. The ad is targeting those whom either drink-drive, speed, or text and drive. Though this advertisement may be vague in terms of words, but it has a strong visual impact that speaks more than needed.


Author: jannethuang

just little ol' me trying to make it through life :) :)

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